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New movement from Psihov Group

travel on ATVs in Sykhiv

Okay, from today we offer even more drive and emotion every day. Now it will happen in motion and over long distances. You will travel on new ATVs on various routes of varying difficulty through the picturesque forests on the outskirts of Sykhiv, Lviv and the region.
This type of holiday is ideal for small groups of friends, couples in love or friendly families. Driving our ATVs does not require physical strength or experience driving ATVs. Before the adventure, our instructors will conduct a detailed acquaintance with the technical features, safety and details of the selected route, and during all the adventures will accompany you on a separate instructor ATV.

Season 2024 is open

Adventure awaits

Who will find our adventures interesting?

Couples in love

Just friends

Best friends

Friendly families

Guests of the city

And everyone else)

Unique routes

both for beginners and for experienced

We will find for you several picturesque locations in Lviv and near the city, which are completely different from each other thematically, atmospherically and even in mood. At each location there are two routes - green for beginners and red for more experienced drivers.
Although even those who got behind the wheel of an ATV for the first time are able to cope with any of our red routes if they wish - we still strongly recommend starting with the green route. This way you will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the location to the maximum, and at the same time gain new skills and knowledge in driving new equipment.

How to book adventures on ATVs?